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Subscription-free and easy-to-use portable Landmarks datasets you can download, keep offline and use forever.

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Why Us?

Our mission is to offer the easiest to use POI indexes with minimal to no extra processing, installation and hassle to use.

No Recurring Fees

All of our datasets are offered against a one-time fee. You download the entire dataset files and can use them forever.

Friendly Formats

We let you download the datasets in the friendly JSON format. You don't need mad rocket-science skills to use them.

Simple Tables

The datasets are structured as intuitive and simple tables, with predictable fields. No need to waste time learning unusual query languages.



More than 500K landmarks around the world, indexed from sources like Wikidata, Wikipedia and OSM.


Country Codes

Landmarks come with OSM/Nominatim reverse geocoded fields such as CountryCode, City, County, Road and PostCode which can be used for region-based grouping.


Wikipedia Extracts

The index comes with Wikipedia URLs and Extracts in different languages for most landmarks, plus 380K+ Wikidata image URLs.



Every landmark has essential information such as Name, Latitude and Longitude, extracted from sources such as Wikidata, Wikipedia and OSM.

Images and Wikidata

Most landmarks come with one or multiple image URLs to Wikidata or Wikipedia images. All landmarks have an associated Wikidata ID.


Most landmarks come with one or multiple Wikipedia article URLs and extract strings in different languages.


Most landmarks come with OSM Nominatim reverse geocoded address components including country code, country, county, city, road and postal code.

Unlimited Power

You download the entire dataset files and can deploy them on your own servers or workstations. This gives you unlimited query and mining power.

Popularity Score

A proprietary algorithm is used to score the popularity of Landmarks based on different metrics derived from multiple sources.

Explore the data in action

The Whereseek App uses our worldwide dataset to provide an interactive interface for its users to explore the world.

Single Country (Except US)


  • Landmarks
  • Wikidata Image Links
  • Wikipedia Extracts
  • Reverse Geocoded

United States


  • 100K+ Landmarks
  • 80K+ Wikidata Image Links
  • 220K+ Wikipedia Articles
  • 700+ MB JSON Datasets



  • North and South Americas
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Oceania

14 day full refund in case of non-satisfaction. Demo dataset is sent upon request by email. Contact Sales for startup, education, non-profit or COVID-19 discounts, as well as personalized solution consultations.